1. Wake on LAN with Magic Packets
Dec 29th, 14 • Views: 1353 • Comments: 0
How to wake a computer from sleep mode on your local network using a Magic Packet.

2. Intro to JavaScript Events
May 8th, 10 • Views: 3225 • Comments: 0
An introduction to the use of events in JavaScript that emphasizes the application of events to forms in HTML to increase interactivity.

3. MySQL Class
Feb 19th, 10 • Views: 3098 • Comments: 0
The intent of this tutorial is to introduce you to some of the basic ideas behind Object Oriented Programming (OOP) while avoiding the more complex topics. The end result is a class that can be used to handle MySQL database connections, queries, and general error handling when working with the two.

4. Store variables in a function
Nov 22nd, 05 • Views: 3916 • Comments: 0
A simple tutorial made to show you how to keep a variable in a function, even after the function has been executed.