A List Apart
A List Apart If you're looking for design ideas when building a new site, this is a great place to go. They aren't a gallery to go browsing templates on but what they do have is a blog full of design related guidelines to consider when making a site. Their UX, cross platform, and future looking articles are some of the best around.
Engadget A one-stop-shop for all your geeky gadget needs. If you're looking to get your next fix on the the latest must-have gadgets (e.g. Phones, TVs, toys), this is a great place to get the latest scoop on what's new.
Lifehacker This is one of those sites that I recommend any self-respecting geek go to. The goal of the site seems to be improving the lives of those who are short on time. The articles aren't only focused on making the most of your time however, it also has a lot of tech related tips/tricks/news postings.
Quirksmode Hands-down the best JavaScript resource site I've seen. The detailed breakdown of how things like events work on this site has been invaluable to me personally as I was learning JavaScript.
SitePoint Just an all-around great resource for learning to develop websites. Over the years, this site has matured quite a bit in terms of the resources it offers for learning HTML/CSS/JavaScript. In addition to regular reference guides, it's blog is full of handy tips for bringing your website development skills to the next level.
deviantART Some days I wonder why I like this site so much. Most of the art on it come from people I believe to be just getting their start in art (and I can't hold anything against them for that as I was there once myself). But what keeps me around are those few gems that stand out above the rest. And I tell you, if you wait long enough, you can find some seriously amazing artists here.