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  • HTML/JavaScript
  • Interactive map
  • Ability to play embedded sounds
  • 7+ pages
  • 18 hrs (unfinished)


Capitol Pest was one of those sites that got me truly exited while working on it. Most of the sites I had worked on up until that point had been static, with no real degree of interactivity outside of an image gallery/slideshow. Aside from the simple yet intricately detailed layout, the features that got me really interested in the site were the embedded sounds and the interactive map.

To make the sounds play when a link was clicked, or even play at all, was something I had never previously done. As a result, I had to research how to play sounds in an HTML page, ideally without the use of a media player/flash. After that, I had to figure out how to take a map of a typical house and make it interactive to the point where, when a user clicked on a room, some sort of descriptive list would show up next to the map. This information would also have to change based on season. The end result was something I was quite happy with, though never got to see through to the end.

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