1. Wake on LAN with Magic Packets
Dec 29th, 14 • Views: 5187
How to wake a computer from sleep mode on your local network using a Magic Packet.

2. Intro to JavaScript Events
May 8th, 10 • Views: 6695
An introduction to the use of events in JavaScript that emphasizes the application of events to forms in HTML to increase interactivity.

3. MySQL Class
Feb 19th, 10 • Views: 6851
The intent of this tutorial is to introduce you to some of the basic ideas behind Object Oriented Programming (OOP) while avoiding the more complex topics. The end result is a class that can be used to handle MySQL database connections, queries, and general error handling when working with the two.

4. Store variables in a function
Nov 22nd, 05 • Views: 8017
A simple tutorial made to show you how to keep a variable in a function, even after the function has been executed.